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 Making Sure the Plumber Is Licensed

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When you look for the plumbers you should make them licenced. There are some companies that will operate without a license, which is not legal, and is also a set up for disaster in the long run. An individual should always try and compile this list before a plumbing emergency comes into being so that the whole situation can be taken care of in the most calm and efficient way, rather than being stuck with not only a plumbing issue, but also that task of finding a qualified plumber.

Types of Licensing

Tradesman licenses are limited, since the plumber has only completed his plumbing school and four thousand hours under a Journeyman or Master plumber during his apprenticeship. Tradesman licenses do allow the plumber to work on his own, and is an adequate choice for smaller jobs when making sure a plumber is licensed.

For larger jobs, an individual needs to be sure that the plumber is licensed at least at the Journeyman level. This ensures that the plumber has had at least eight thousand hours of training in the field under a Master plumber, which equates to about four years working full time in plumbing. During that time he is able to experience a wide variety of situations and is under the care of a more qualified plumber to answer questions and teach what to do in each situation. The Journeyman exam is also complex, with a written part, a sanitary waste and vent installation part which is hands on, and also a shop work part which is also hands on with tools and materials of the trade.

A licensed Master plumber is the highest licensing level for a plumber, other than going on to become a plumbing inspector. If a plumber is licensed at a Master level, it means that he worked as a Journeyman plumber for at least a year under a Master plumber before being eligible for the Master plumbing exam. This exam has many of the same features as the Journeyman exam, except it also adds a plumbing system planning section where the plumber has to design the plans for a multi-story building\’s plumbing system.

An individual can find out whether a plumber is licensed by talking to the company directly and asking specific questions about the different types of licenses for plumbers. He can also look at the company\’s website and often find the licensing information, since reputable companies want clients to be sure they are getting quality service.

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Making Sure the Plumber Is Licensed
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