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 Bead Making – Simple Accessories

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Beads are back in style nowadays, it was gone for a while but now they’re back. All over the country, accessories made from beads are sold in stores everywhere. To the uninitiated, these necklaces, pendants, bracelets that are made out of beads may look like a good deal but in fact they’re really cheap and easy to make.

What I’m talking about is that if you have a couple of spare hours every week, you can actually start making your own bead jewelry and accessories. You don’t need to attend any special classes or get any special training to create your own accessories. All you need is some patience and a lot of creativity.

To start off, try and locate your nearest craft shop. There’s usually one in every strip mall or shopping center so the next time you’re around shopping, keep an eye out for those craft shops. Don’t worry about preparing a list beforehand, the people in the craft shop will be glad to supply you with everything you need to start off with your first project.

The next task is to prepare a desk that you will use as a workstation. The main factor the separates the good work desk from the bad is the lighting so make sure that the desk you choose will have a lot of good lighting. If you can pick a spot near a window then that would be perfect, nothing beats natural light.

Once you have a desk in mind, the next task would be to lay out your supplies in an efficient way. A Vellux blanked is very useful if you have a desk with a slippery surface as it provides a nice surface where you can easily work. Once you have covered your desk, pile up your beads by color in neat piles where they can be easily reached and post your pattern in a well-lighted spot so you can simply glance up to see your progress without disturbing your work.

For the first timers, it is sometimes daunting to start a new project without any hands-on guidance so it is advisable to start with a basic design. Remember, the more simple the design, the faster you can finish it. Choosing a basic design helps a lot through positive reinforcement. Once you’ve gone through that first hurdle, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable about yourself and you’ll be more motivated to continue on your other projects.

Always remember to start off the project with a basic “stop” bead as the first bead in your thread. The purpose of that “stop” bead is so that you’ll be able to loop your thread back to it and secure the end of the thread so that your beads won’t fall off. Once you have done that then you’re ready to work on your chosen pattern.

If everything turns out well, you’ll be making all of your fashion accessories in no time. No more spending hundreds of dollars for bead jewelry that you can make for just a couple of dollars and some elbow grease. Have fun beading!

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Bead Making – Simple Accessories
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