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 Before Hiring a Plumber – Sydney – You Should Consider the Following

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Before Hiring a Plumber – Sydney – You Should Consider the Following Empty
ViestiAihe: Before Hiring a Plumber – Sydney – You Should Consider the Following   Before Hiring a Plumber – Sydney – You Should Consider the Following I_icon_minitimePe Maalis 18, 2011 8:39 am

Stop! Before You Hire A Plumber in Sydney You Should Always Make Sure Of The Following:

1: Make sure that the Sydney Plumber has a guarantee against workmanship.

Any Professional plumber in Sydney will now guarantee their work. If something goes wrong and the problem crops up again, your plumber should come back out and fix it again for free. For just this reason, plumbers in Sydney who give guarantees tend to do it right the first time. Make sure that the guarantee is not just verbal but is included in the contract.

2: Is your Sydney Plumber Licenced?

In order to operate as an emergency plumber in Sydney you must be licensed. Any plumber in Sydney should be able to produce their license number if you ask for it.

3: Make sure that your Sydney Plumber is insured.

If your Plumber – Sydney is not insured then you shouldn\’t hire them. If something goes wrong and the Sydney Plumber is not insured then you\’ll be up for the cost of any extra repairs for damage done. Worse still, if any damage occurs to any adjacent properties to yours as a result of the plumber then you\’ll have to foot the bill for that as well, and may open yourself to legal action. Insurance should be mandatory before you hire a plumber in Sydney.

4: Does your sydney plumber give a quote (and does he stick to it?)

Nothing worse than a tradesperson who tells you that the job will only cost $100, and then come to you at the end with a bill for more than twice that. Always make sure that your Sydney Plumber gives you a quote, and that before doing any work that will entail more cost that he\’ll get your okay first!

5: Make sure that you\’re Sydney Plumber cleans up after himself!

You don\’t have to put up with someone tracking mud all over your carpets! There\’s no need for a plumber to mess up your house to get the job done. Just make sure that it\’s agreed to before the plumber starts the job, and if you have a contract, make sure that it\’s in the contract.

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Before Hiring a Plumber – Sydney – You Should Consider the Following
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