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 Tips on Knowing When and Where to Rock Short Dresses

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Tips on Knowing When and Where to Rock Short Dresses Empty
ViestiAihe: Tips on Knowing When and Where to Rock Short Dresses   Tips on Knowing When and Where to Rock Short Dresses I_icon_minitimePe Loka 01, 2010 5:41 am

There are lots of different styles of short dresses to choose from when planning to get out on the town. The type, design, and characteristics of dresses to pick from really all depend on the specific activities planned and who is invited. Options are limitless for the modern sophisticate. Some events justify the ability to rock short dresses, while some others do not.

Why it is Important to Know When and Where to Rock Short Dresses

Knowing when, with whom, and where to wear a short dress adds a touch of class to the urban and suburban woman's outlook. This know-how represents an added sense of refinement and makes her blend in with peers among the upper-echelon.

Having this savvy displays a heightened sensibility of the latest developments in the world of fashion, as well as that of more traditional, accepted "norms" of social class. This is exactly why it is of the utmost importance to have a clear understanding of when, where, with whom, and how to rock short dresses.

Intuition plays a major role in a woman's decision about whether to rock a short or long dress, but there is more. Relying on instinct alone will not always hack it and may potentially lead to disaster.

How to Decipher Whether a Short Dress is Appropriate for an Event

It is important to also gather a bit of background knowledge about the event and the expectations of the event planner and most importantly, the concept of the person or organization hosting the event.

This information is usually not very difficult to gather since most party invitations also include a brief statement about the attire that the host expects guests to wear. When this information is absent on the invitation, then it is safe to wear a short dress, as the event is most likely less formal.

Events That Warrant Short Dresses

There are lots of places and events that warrant the wearing of short dresses. Here is a short list of some examples, along with suggestions of the best dress designers.

These clothiers specialize in creating stylish dresses for women of a broad range of sizes and the best part is that they can be purchased online at unbelievably affordable prices.

Cocktail Party - Dresses by La Femme are sultry little numbers. Some of these choice picks are made with a "sweetheart" or heart-shaped neckline.

Happy Hour at a Local Club - Faviana short dresses are elegant, and there are also pieces that are fitting for going to happy hour with friends and colleagues.

Dinner at a Restaurant (Unless Otherwise Stated) - Tony Bowls dresses come in just about every color variety imaginable. These are perfect for a going to a dinner date, going to dinner with the ladies, or dining with the family. Either way, they all offer a great look.

Office Holiday Party - Everyone loves an exciting holiday party when joy is in the air, many people are nicer to each other than they usually are, and fashion sparkles, glimmers, and shines in the night. The short dresses collection from Jasz has just the right selection.

Speed Dating Event - With the advent and popularity of speed dating events popping up all over the place, sometimes the biggest question is not whether to go or not, but what to wear. A lot of women have a blast at these social gatherings, meet lots of new people, and make new friends. This is a chance to put your best foot forward, but in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. Terani short dresses fit the bill for sure.

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Tips on Knowing When and Where to Rock Short Dresses
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