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 Stationary Exercise Bike Workouts Tips

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ViestiAihe: Stationary Exercise Bike Workouts Tips   Stationary Exercise Bike Workouts Tips I_icon_minitimeLa Tammi 08, 2011 1:40 am

Exercise bike workouts remain one of the recommended ways to get fit and lose weight. That’s true because the stationary bikes are a long time favorite and proven to work for fitness improvements. Other exercise machines have come and gone but bicycles remain and for good reason. To get the benefit from having any exercise machine, you must actually use the thing on a regular basis. Try the following way to get results with a 15 second tip for more interesting an more regular rides…

Of course, one of the real tricks to success with any bike is the accessibility and ease of use that just naturally is part of stationary bicycles… There is very little skill required to use one and not much of a learning period. Just by simply getting on and pumping away, you get fast results that most anybody will see. No longer do you need to go somewhere and pay monthly dues or fees. But then it is likely that using a bike the regular way can bore one nearly to tears… Pedaling at a steady pace for a long period can be seriously boring almost to the point of painful. One way that many modern bikes counter that is with computer power and workout simulations to keep it interesting. Some bikes lack the computer features for one of a few reasons… The 15 second mix-up may help and certainly can’t hurt.

You must stay at a program to get real results. That fact is the key to success. Most any exercise will work if you just stay at it. That means choosing a method of work that you will enjoy or at least can tolerate for the long-term is essential… In that approach lies both the advantage and a potential disadvantage of stationary bikes like the Schwinn recumbent bikes or even the ever-popular Schwinn Airdyne.

Simply varying the speed of pedaling every few seconds is an easy way to provide some variety to a routine… Every 15 seconds switch to a different pace. Pedal at a pace for 15 second then speed up and maintain the new pace for 15 seconds, then change again and keep changing for the entire workout. All it takes then is a load meter or speed meter to make for a better result.

Better still, vary the speed of pumping every few seconds for the entire time you pedal for a constantly variable ride that is more interesting and a better results producer. Mixing up the pace makes for higher quality results typical of circuit training with more total fat burn and calorie burn potential After all, the real key to results is not found in exercise bike reviews or bike features, but in regular use of whatever machine you have. After all, the real key to an exercise bike workout that produce results is both time in the saddle and the level of effort put into the ride.

Get a better view about exercise bike reviews at another of our articles. There we describe why you may not want one as well as why you might.

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Stationary Exercise Bike Workouts Tips
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