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 What Are the Components of Shower Surround Kits?

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What Are the Components of Shower Surround Kits? Empty
ViestiAihe: What Are the Components of Shower Surround Kits?   What Are the Components of Shower Surround Kits? I_icon_minitimeTo Helmi 10, 2011 10:31 am

Shower kits are one of the highly sought-after items for bathroom remodeling or upgrading. Besides being affordable, they are also easy to install. While they may have look cheap and fragile in design and appearance a couple years back, the increasing clamor by consumers for better shower surround kits have spurred the manufacturers to take the product to the next level in terms of style, design and durability.

Surround kits, sometimes referred to as shower kits, are a bundled set of prefabricated components that are needed for a corner shower installation in your bathroom. These prepackaged units include all the essential components like the shower enclosure, shower stall, shower tray and a shower door if required.

The shower enclosure makes up the sides of the shower unit that is not on the same plane as the bathroom walls. They are usually made of either safety glass or plastic and also hold the door of the shower unit, if one is necessary.

The shower tray or base is the area directly beneath the shower which is set on the bathroom floor. The tray is generally made of acrylic and fiberglass mix and comes precut to hold a shower drain. Besides functioning as the shower floor, the base prevents water and dirt from reaching the floor underneath as well as leaking out of the unit.

The shower stall, another component which comprises the shower surround, is that part of the package where the shower gets into contact with the bathroom walls. While conventional shower and bathtub combinations usually come with tiled walls, the solid one-piece construction design of the surrounds that come with shower kits offers a very easy installation, extended lifespan, less plumbing problems and nearly effortless cleaning. The stalls generally come pre-cut to line up properly with the showerhead as well as the shower faucets and knobs.

Thanks to modern innovation buying prefab shower surround kits has never been easier. In fact, even the installation of one can now be done by an ordinary homeowner who knows how to follow directions. In addition to that, surround kits now come in myriads of eye-catching and appealing designs to suit the discerning taste of homeowners. These functional bathroom products can now be easily availed almost anywhere, whether online or offline. Those who want to add some personal touch to the shower unit can opt to have one custom-made instead of buying a prefabricated unit. And since all the needed components to build a functional shower is already included in the kit, setting up a shower surround is as easy as ABC.

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What Are the Components of Shower Surround Kits?
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