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 Tile Ideas for a Corner Shower

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Installing tiles for a corner shower presents both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is that the shower has a limited area that makes putting tiles difficult, and the opportunity is that there is more flexibility in the type of tiles that you can use because of the two walls that jut out into the room.

Space-saver corner showers are a good match for corner sinks, but the limited space that they cover does not mean that they should look small. To make corner showers appear larger, installing very large tiles of about 2 feet in size across would surely be a good idea. The wall of the shower can have slate, ceramic and other tile materials, and the installation should just be easy. Remember to have a strong backer board so that the tiles will not crack that easily even when subjected to enormous amount of weight. Although tiles should be large, using overly large ones is not advisable because the drain position will make the installation difficult. Smaller tiles of the same color and material are good choices, in this case. To open up space in the shower, clear glass for the walls will create a wider effect and the illusion of a bigger space.

The two walls facing into the room of the shower provides an opportunity for installing glass block. Build two glass-block walls coming from the two walls of the shower creating an angle. Tiles with neutral color should be used so that the glass block will be the visual focus when entering the shower.

If you are after designs, you can install tiles with mosaic designs on the shower floor. These tiles can have different images and designs including animals, landscapes, people and many more. Have differently colored mosaic tiles pre-mounted on mesh-backed sheets, and then cut through the mesh to come up with your desired shapes. Hang the sections with thinset mortar, grout and seal the tiles. After that install the clear-glass interior walls so that the mosaic tiles can be seen outside the shower stall.

Be sure that the tiles that you will use will seamlessly coordinate with the theme that you have chosen for your bathroom. When shopping for the tiles, be sure that you first measure the floor space that you need to cover and estimate how many tiles you need to purchase. Save yourself constant trips to the store by determining the exact number of tiles that will be required to cover your shower stall.

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Tile Ideas for a Corner Shower
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