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 Omnivory has evolved several times

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Omnivory has evolved several times Empty
ViestiAihe: Omnivory has evolved several times   Omnivory has evolved several times I_icon_minitimeLa Elo 20, 2011 12:13 am

Omnivory has evolved several times among different groups of animals. The first vertebrates were piscivores, then insectivores, carnivores and finally herbivores.[1] A complex set of adaptations was necessary for feeding on highly fibrous plant materials, requiring structural modifications to the teeth, jaws, and digestive tract. Only a small proportion of extant tetrapods are obligate herbivores; many carnivores also consume low-fiber plant material as well as insects and fish, so it could be that early tetrapods made the transition to fully fledged herbivory by way of omnivory

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Omnivory has evolved several times
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