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 Exploring Welding Inspection Careers in Oklahoma

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Welding inspectors provide exclusive knowledge that is an integral part of making sure that structures are safe to inhabit or use as they are intended. Anything that requires welding to adjoin steel must be inspected to ensure quality construction. Inspectors make visual inspections of structures as well as perform any testing that may be necessary.

Oklahoma trade schools Offer Welding Inspection Courses

It is necessary for a welding inspector to have the skills and certification to be able to perform the job successfully. It is also helpful to have a solid foundation of algebra, be a good communicator and understand a variety of welding techniques.

To learn welding inspection, Oklahoma trade schools have programs to ensure quality training as a welder so that perspective inspectors can become certified by the state to perform the job to the best of their ability. Majority of programs offer a certificate of completion, though it is possible to obtain a associate or bachelor’s degree in Welding Technology. To receive certification from the American Welding Society, it is essential to be able to pass the required test. Additional training can come from workshops, classes and seminars to learn visual inspection and various welding codes.

Qualifications for a Certified Welding Inspector

There are different procedures and qualifications to become a certified welding inspector for Oklahoma. Each qualification can be obtained through education at a variety Oklahoma trade schools or training from a different source. A person interested in a career in Oklahoma as a welding inspector should successfully meet the minimum requirements. A current certificate from the American Welding Society for welding inspectors is one of conditions to be considered. Other qualifications can come from having a minimum of 7 years of documented experience in the field as a welding inspector or by holding a current document that proves that the applicant is a owner-user inspector.

Those who have completed training and have been able to learn welding inspection, can look forward to positive career development. It has been estimated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that those in building and construction inspection can expect almost an 20% increase in job growth in the next six years.

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Exploring Welding Inspection Careers in Oklahoma
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