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 The GF Monthly Review Awards #1

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The GF Monthly Review Awards #1 Empty
ViestiAihe: The GF Monthly Review Awards #1   The GF Monthly Review Awards #1 I_icon_minitimePe Heinä 02, 2010 8:03 pm

This is a brand new thing we're doing. You, the members, vote for various categories, and pick the best reviewer/review of that category. The categories are:

Best English
Best Review
Best Reviewer
Funniest Review
Best Information
Worst Review

More categories will be added if you want them.

The reviews this month are: (due to low reviews, reviews from May will be included)

The Godfather by Jedclark
Unreal Tournament by TDK
Trauma Centre - Under the Knife by Cupcakes
Red Dead Redemption by Apache Rawpowered
Splinter Cell Conviction by Urban Darkfire
Disgaea 2 by Serenity
Puzzle Quest by Serenity

The reviewers up for nomination are:

Apache Rawpowered
Urban Darkfire

The way voting works is as such, you type out the category, and underneath it, the review/reviewer you thought fits the category.


Best Reviewer
Name Here

Best Review
Name here

Happy voting (PS, you can say if you want more categories, make suggestions)


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The GF Monthly Review Awards #1
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