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 Dog Training Secret: The Dog as a Child

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ViestiAihe: Dog Training Secret: The Dog as a Child   Dog Training Secret: The Dog as a Child I_icon_minitimeSu Heinä 17, 2011 9:07 pm

Dog proprietors give their love, time, and energy to their beloved pets by scheduling appointments for check-ups, vaccinations and grooming as well as giving them healthy food and safe, clean water. But enormous number of pet owners have been finding ways to unlock the dog training secrets and special education for their beloved pets. Just like kids, a dog is aware if they are being cherished and accepted at home.
One basic dog training secret is caring the dog and accepting it as part of the family unit. Dogs become conscious if a member of the family doesn't like him/her too. Learning is part of having a dog at home-to passively and actively learn new things each day. Like children, pet dogs can act hysterically and act wildly, but through appropriate love and discipline that can be altered.
Five-years-old boys and girls tend to respond to DOs and DONTs and so do dogs. This is a very easy thing to do. First is to write down the acceptable and non-acceptable behaviors. If the dog does an improper act just make them understand that the behavior is 'bad' but that they are still loved. Remind the dog each time he/she does a 'bad' action to consistently remind him/her that it should not be done anymore and will ultimately stop the inappropriate behavior. Being conflicting can only confuse the dog and make them misbehave.
Another dog training secret is NEVER to hurt the dog when they do a little naughty or dangerous to someone or a family member, just give a light slap on the mouth and a stern 'NO' to relay inappropriate behavior. Cautioning the dog from dangerous effects of TV wire and computer wire chewing can be done with love and discipline. This should effectively warn them off from further continuing that activity.
The saddest part of raising a dog for a pet is not treating them nicely and fairly, although dog are well thought-out as man's best friend. Dogs have the emotional quotient of a five year old kid that is why they can get really terribly and love unreservedly, this is a basic dog training secret. Just like treating children, dogs learn fast with proper discipline, love and patience but dogs owners who abuse their dogs can make the dog very violent. If the dog feels more love from their people if they behave well, they will behave well for it only increases their acceptance within their pack.

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Dog Training Secret: The Dog as a Child
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