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 How To Sight Wealth Opportunities And Becoming Financially educated

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How To Sight Wealth Opportunities And Becoming Financially educated  Empty
ViestiAihe: How To Sight Wealth Opportunities And Becoming Financially educated    How To Sight Wealth Opportunities And Becoming Financially educated  I_icon_minitimeTo Heinä 14, 2011 5:37 pm

Recognizing wealth opportunities start with becoming financially trained. There are loads of opportunities around us we only need to sharpen our minds to see them. The haves or the financial elite in the society always have an uncommon mindset from those who are needy, middle class and agonizing.
It's all about the mind, core values and core beliefs. The financial elite has an unfair advantage because they have been trained to spot opportunities but unfortunately our school system do a good job of coaching the masses to see things from one perspective which is;
go to school, get good grades, work hard, get a good safe secure jobs with benefits, invest in "safe investment" and save for retirement. But they fail to sharpen our minds to think beyond that.
Why there is nothing wrong with going to school to get good education, there is something wrong with not teaching people how to take care of their financial lives.
The rich learn to acquire "assets" which produces even more assets and by definition, assets are things that put money in your pocket whether you work or not. You see the rich understands this that why the acquire assets such as real estates, Gold, Silver, Oil or even build an online Network Marketing or MLM Business that produces residual income.
Right now with as little as $200 average individuals can start up an online Network Marketing business where they are constantly taught on how to build the business, because in Network Marketing if you do not make money, everyone else in your organization do not either. There are several wealth opportunities out there even outside the network marketing arena but people are not just trained financially to see them
The very best wealth transfer in human history is right under our nose, but as a result of the majority of people are not financially literate to see the other side of the coin they see doom and gloom instead of doom and boom.
We are in the middle of world hyperinflation were people who invest in precious metals and commodities such as Gold, Silver and Oil would become the next multi millionaires just like those who invested in the internet technology some decades ago are now multi- billionaires.
Yet majority of people think there are no wealth opportunities why they are sitting right there waiting for you to grab them.
You see with Silver for example, been about $39 an ounce, an average Joe can get in the game and start acquiring true asset. If you read my post on 5 reason why Silver price increases or my article on the unfair advantage, you would understand why you should start piling up silver and Gold as quickly as possible. But like always people would always ignore advice and coming trends that can make them wealthy.
I used to be blind but not any more. Two years ago i got enlightened and connected with some top internet marketers and start building my Home Based business and since then it has grew to an organization that brings me residual checks month after month even if i work or not. You see that's financial intelligence.
There are many wealth opportunities out there and my opinion is that you start connecting with people who has the results you desire and start learning from them. Read books and listen to tapes on how to build a business. Building a business, be it a home based business, Network Marketing or direct sales, building a business is the most rewarding thing a man can achieve.
I can see a piece of real estate and other people might see that same piece of real estate and instead of seeing the wealth opportunities in that real estate they see an old rickety building, mean while i see a property that i can fix and rent out to produce residual checks for myself.
The fastest way to become rich is by becoming a problem solver, if you learn how to solve other peoples problems (like providing house, building a home based business for them), you would be wealthy in no time.
But it starts with getting financially experienced. The Network Marketing industry is the best way to educate yourself about building a business because like i said earlier you are personally taught about how to sell and how to duplicate.

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How To Sight Wealth Opportunities And Becoming Financially educated
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