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 Is listening to music at work calming or distracting?

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Is listening to music at work calming or distracting? Empty
ViestiAihe: Is listening to music at work calming or distracting?   Is listening to music at work calming or distracting? I_icon_minitimeTi Syys 21, 2010 6:55 pm

Music is like a soothing balm that caresses the heart to calm you down. Music has that calming effect that keeps you concentrated on your work. This is the reason why I always play the music when I am doing something. With music as a background, I find working more inspiring and at the same time enjoyable. Music also puts me to sleep when I cannot sleep. Music gives different moods to a person so the more lively the music the more alert your senses. If you play sweet, mellow music, your mood changes to a calm one which could even lead you to sleep.

Music makes me concentrate more in what I am doing. Rather than suffering the silence which is sometimes annoying, I turn on the radio. As I work, I also enjoy the music. I can work better with music in the air. When I am alone music is my company. Music makes me feel better especially when something is bothering me. I could write better with music playing. It makes my mind work naturally and smoothly. Music to me is like food that gives me energy as I do my work.

Some people are distracted by music. But in my case music keeps my mind in deep concentration. I like mellow music as it seems to seep into the deepest of my soul. Sometimes, music makes me mellow when I am depressed and angry. It gives me a soothing balm that makes me forget my anger. At work, music makes me work faster and more efficient. I look at music as a means to make things easier for me. Without music I find work harder to achieve.

Although some people dislike music, I love music just like I love my work. Music is my antidote to boredom and laziness when i don't feel like working. Try putting on some lively music when you are feeling lazy and your body will suddenly feel energized and you will finally want to work.

For me music has a calming effect that helps people have more concentration when doing something. Soft music is often used by some people to meditate as it has a calming effect that loosens the muscles and make someone concentrate more. Music makes the nerves relax for better concentration. Music that is soft and mellow calms you and keep your senses alert and concentrated but i f it is too loud, it becomes a noise that distracts the concentration. The volume of music is very important as this will affect the effectiveness of music being calming and not a distraction.

Very loud music that seems to split the eardrums is not good just as it does not give calming effect on the listener. The louder the music, the more it becomes a distraction and not calming to the listener.

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Is listening to music at work calming or distracting?
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