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Main parts of ship. 1: Smokestack or Funnel; 2: Stern; 3: Propeller and Rudder; 4: Portside (the right side is known as starboard); 5: Anchor; 6: Bulbous bow; 7: Bow; 8: Deck; 9: Superstructure
For more details on this topic, see Glossary of nautical terms.

Ships can usually be distinguished from boats based on size and the ship's ability to operate independently for extended periods.[3] A commonly used rule of thumb is that if one vessel can carry another, the larger of the two is a ship.[4] As dinghies are common on sailing yachts as small as 35 feet (10.67 m), this rule of thumb is not foolproof. In a more technical and now rare sense, the term ship refers to a sailing ship with at least 3 square-rigged masts and a full bowsprit, with lesser ships described by their sailplan (e.g. barque, brigantine, etc.).

A number of large vessels are traditionally referred to as boats. Submarines are a prime example.[5] Other types of large vessels which are traditionally called boats are the Great Lakes freighter, the riverboat, and the ferryboat.[citation needed] Though large enough to carry their own boats and heavy cargoes, these vessels are designed for operation on inland or protected coastal waters.

In most maritime traditions, ships have an individual name, and modern ships may belong to a ship class often named after its first ship. In English, a ship is traditionally referred to as "she", even if named after a man, but as of the 2000s this figure of speech is in decline and journalistic style guides advise to use "it".[6]

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