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  What is Free To Air Satellite

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Free to air satellite are satellites that are used in broadcasting digital TV signals all over the globe. These satellites send out free to air transmissions which are unencrypted to be received by free to air receivers on the ground. These solitary satellite receivers are capable of receiving television alerts without subscription. They will however need special permission. They are limited geographically and they are encoded in the Mpg2 format. There are several places throughout the world where it is actually possible to receive encrypted satellite channels that are open to air through the use of VHF and UHF band.

The MPEG-2 video compatible receivers that are based on satellite technology receive all programs that are transmitted via free satellite. These devices help a good portion of the world population receive thousands of free satellite TV channels. In order for you to get these digital broadcasting freebies, you will need a free to air receiver which is widely available in the market in the form of brand names such as Pansat, Coolsat, Conaxsat, Eurostar etc, and a satellite dish. The dishes are also available under several brand names. These are the essentials when it comes to satellite TV transmission and receiving.

Most satellite transmission and receiving only require a dish that is able to accommodate DTV. This type of satellite dishes are easily set up on rooftops where they are connected to the free to air receivers for some Chrystal clear TV transmission. These dishes work excellently well. They are available as C-band or K-band dishes. In some special cases, you might require several dishes installed at the same time. In such circumstances, you will require a LNBF as well as a motor for satellite dishes. During the actual setting up of the satellite, you will require a coaxial TV cable running all the way from the dish to the free to air receiver.

It is important to engage the services of a qualified technician during the setting up of the satellite equipment. Pointing the dish in the right direction might not seem like a difficult task but to the newbie's, it might actually be very challenging. There is a certain direction that you have to observe as well as several other factors like the presence of buildings and trees. If you intend to do it yourself, have someone else at hand to assist you in the physical aspect of placing the dish in the roof.

Programs that are aired via the free to air system are usually multilingual such that no translation is actually required. The free satellite channels are broadcasted from large broadcasting corporations as well as small broadcasters. The Ku band range of dishes is small in size while the C band dishes are quite large. In case you want to use your PC, you will require a PC card which is used instead of the satellite receiver. Some of the most popular free to air TV channels include King Satellite, SBS and ABC from Australia, Sadoun, Lyng sat, Maori TV amount others.

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What is Free To Air Satellite
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