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 How to Maintain the Class in Your Glass Bathroom Sinks

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How to Maintain the Class in Your Glass Bathroom Sinks Empty
ViestiAihe: How to Maintain the Class in Your Glass Bathroom Sinks   How to Maintain the Class in Your Glass Bathroom Sinks I_icon_minitimeTo Helmi 10, 2011 10:07 am

Known for its elegance, glass vessel sink choices are now considered as the first accessory to be included in the homeowner's bathroom vanities. The clear texture it provides plus the crystallized appearance it supplies further highlights the class in your bathrooms. However, grand looking as it may be, glass bathroom sinks are very hard to maintain, most of it due to its fragility. In that note, is there a way for you to increase the life span of your glass vessel sink, maybe for another 3 years?

Of course, there is such a way! The key in accomplishing that, however, would require you to bear in mind the following tips. Consider the following in cleaning and maintaining your glass vessels:

The glass vessels' quality highly depends in its surface appearance. In that case, be sure not to create blemishes in its whole look. The blemishes would include cracks and scratches in the surface. Even the minimal fingertip marks destroy the overall look of your custom glass bathroom sinks.

To do this, bear in mind the quality of your sink. In cleaning, never use materials with rough surfaces. Using sandpapers or rugs of tough fabrics will surely scratch off the beauty in your glass sinks, so never use them in cleaning. Strong bleachers and acids can also diminish the shimmer in the glass, so better take them away from the equation.

In wiping your sinks, it would be best for you to use softer cloths like cotton. Damped newspapers are also good in cleaning glasses, since they do not leave ugly streaks in the surface.

Always dry your glass sinks after use. This might really bug you, and you might even reason out that sinks are supposed to get wet all the time. However, glass materials aren't. Hard water residues pile up in their surfaces, and since glass permits light from passing, anyone could see the visible clogs in the surfaces.

You can prevent this by lessening the moisture in your sink after you have used it. In this way, less water molecules will dry up in the surface to become hard water stains. You may do this by wiping the surface with a sponge and then squeezing the excess water away from the sink.

Also, take note of your faucets. Some faucets have designs that require them to have longer necks. This would result into a higher distance for the water to travel as it falls down into your glass sink. If the volume of water is tremendous, the pressure and weight of the water could scratch, crack or even break your glass vessel sinks. So, in choosing the faucet for your glass sink, consider the neck's length.

Never place heavy objects above your glass sink. Small shelves in the top of your glass sink is great in maximizing space, but placing heavy stuffs like your full lotion bottles or your hair blowers will definitely lead into an unwanted accident. To ensure your glass' safety, choose to place lighter objects in top, like cotton balls or tissue rolls.

Following these tips will help you in retaining the quality of your glass vessel sink.

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How to Maintain the Class in Your Glass Bathroom Sinks
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