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 Excess Belly Fat in Women

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Are you a woman with excess belly fat? There are two different body shapes in women, those who are pear-shaped and naturally deposit fat in their lower body, butt and thighs and those who are apple-shaped and deposit fat in their belly. You are born with a certain body type but regardless of your genetics as you age you will notice more fat being stored in your belly, this is true of every woman and it is due to changes in hormones as we approach menopause. This article shares how big is too big for a woman's belly and how to get this fat off.

Excess Belly Fat

Fat that accumulates around the belly is a concern not only in regards to appearance but also for your health. It is called "metabolically active" fat because it more easily releases fats into the blood stream and increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.

To see if your belly is too big measure your waist-to-hip ratio. Take a tape measure and record the number of inches around your waist (just above your belly button) and divide that number by the number of inches around your hips (at the largest area).

This is your waist-to-hip ratio and if it is greater than.85 you are at higher risk for disease.

How do you lose the belly fat?

This fat does tend to be found deeper in your body but you will lose it through the right diet and exercise. Eat small meals throughout the day and avoid refined carbohydrates. These quickly digesting foods cause a spike in insulin levels and when insulin is high your ability to store fat in the belly increases.

You will also help your body by working out regularly (2 to 3 times a week works well) with weights. This stimulates the growth of muscle which is vital to boost your fat burning metabolism.

Excess belly fat in women is a concern but you can get the fat off and feel great again.

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Excess Belly Fat in Women
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