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 Ibiza the Tranquillity of an Island

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Ibiza the Tranquillity of an Island Empty
ViestiAihe: Ibiza the Tranquillity of an Island   Ibiza the Tranquillity of an Island I_icon_minitimeTi Tammi 18, 2011 11:34 pm

Good, because also, but he is right to mean that another Ibiza is possible, calm Ibiza, Ibiza of the north of the island.

The individual sant?sima Trinidad, beautiful and quiet, is located between Santa Eulalia, San Carlos and Cala San Vicente, there where not yet pernicious Ibiza Mix has arrived. Next to more curved curves and to arrive at destiny between mountains, magnificent backwaters of peace have reached international recognition. With the imposing presence of the Tagomago goddess, small barren island in which the video of the Lambada was recorded but that it is paradise of millionaire small lizards and of yacht with taste (some it still has), the triangle escapes pericolosamente to vivere of the rest of Ibiza, like sunk in the catharsis of the endless nights in search of the pleasure irredento. Three places, then, three proposals to discover. Because another Ibiza is possible. Santa Eulalia of the River: capital of the north of Ibiza, communicated and constructed well in grids for facility of movements, is a place in which to combine a cosmopolitan vacacional life with the field proximity pay?s and sea. Calm nights in the marine stroll, the sport port or the pedestrian inner side streets.

And intense days between its streets in boiling with purchases of all type and several oases for the memory, with terraces and bars of those of fresh and landscaped inner patio. Next to Santa Eulalia it appears Is Canar, flag of the respectful British familiar tourism (it exists), without scandals and with a swap-meet Wednesdays (of 10:00 to 19:00), the Hippy Market de Punta Arab?, that is an event in all the island. Beaches it has in each locality, but the advisable thing always is the displacement, with the natural selection of the attending public who tolerates. Coves, thousands. The most known: It pierces Pada, It pierces Llonga and Cala Firewood. San Carlos de Peralta: capital of hippy in Ibiza. Than it is. That it is little, but with the unmistakable flavor of the authentic thing.

The bar Anita is its church (and not the one of opposite) and also its communications center, because during decades the mailboxes of post office for German were located there, Dutch, American, all losers by election, that left the suit and the necktie by the naked inner search. The swap-meet of the Dahlias is the appropriate place to be soaked with the stamps of which they are disguised once a year (more) and of that still the peace motto of and love like referring last with. Mondays (of 19:00 to 00:00) and Saturdays (of 10:00 to 20:00) a unique world-wide spectacle under jaimas is celebrated and the vines, with the heat or the night, according to the election, that tunean the tens of positions of sale of as useless leather shop as suggestive. Cove of San Vicente: the one that something wants, something costs to him. The best beach of Ibiza is moved away (28.6 km from the capital). But the effort will be compensated by spectacular a long fine sand beach, where the masificaci?n does not exist and the water is caressed watching front and at the eyes to Tagomago watchman.

Two hotels and apartments make possible the pacific stay, where he is unforgivable not to prove the pizzas of the bar Ol?, ideal place to have a drink safe from the night. Also in on the Beach, old bar Mari, to which the law of coasts could behead but whose benefit is one enjoyed for the senses so next that the sea feels, unquestionable protagonist of the other Ibiza, calm Ibiza.

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Ibiza the Tranquillity of an Island
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