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 Cain Accuser Said to Allege Series of Advances

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Cain Accuser Said to Allege Series of Advances Empty
ViestiAihe: Cain Accuser Said to Allege Series of Advances   Cain Accuser Said to Allege Series of Advances I_icon_minitimeLa Marras 05, 2011 12:17 pm

A lawyer for a woman who accused Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment said today that she complained about a “series of inappropriate behaviors” and “unwanted advances.”

Joel Bennett, in a statement to reporters, said his client stands by the “good-faith” complaint she made against Cain when he was head of the National Restaurant Association in the late 1990s.

Cain, 65, has called the allegations “baseless” and has tried to move forward with his campaign after spending the last week defending himself from the allegations.

“We look forward to focusing our attention on the real issues impacting this country -- like fixing this broken economy,” said Cain spokesman J.D. Gordon, in a statement today.

Two women who had worked at the restaurant association accused Cain, who was CEO of the organization at the time, of sexual harassment and were paid settlements for their claims.

Both women signed confidentiality agreements prohibiting them from discussing the details of the incidents. In a statement released late today, the restaurant association said Cain had disputed the allegations at the time they were made.
Settlement Payments

Former employees say the organization paid one female staffer a year’s salary -- $35,000 -- in severance after she complained about Cain’s behavior. The second woman, now a spokeswoman for a federal agency in Washington, received $45,000, according to a report yesterday by Politico.

Bennett told reporters that the woman he represents doesn’t want to divulge the amount of her settlement, her identity or the specifics of her complaint, including the settlement she received from the trade organization.
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Cain Accuser Said to Allege Series of Advances
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Cain Accuser Said to Allege Series of Advances
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