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 Five Great Wineries Inside the Hunter Valley

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ViestiAihe: Five Great Wineries Inside the Hunter Valley   Five Great Wineries Inside the Hunter Valley I_icon_minitimeKe Tammi 12, 2011 1:57 am

Hunter valley is a key tourist destination as it attracts tourists from around the world for the wineries. It’s Australia most well known wine area. The area is essentially divided into two parts the Lower Hunter and Upper Hunter Valley. The very best wineries are discovered in the Lower Hunter that comes between Cessnock and Branxton.

Adina Vineyard:

Adina is really a family-owned estate inside the Lovedale region of the Hunter Valley. It is located in the Lower Hunter win area 7 kilometres from Cessnock. This family owned estate produces incredible wines for clients that appreciate drinking. They produce all the standard Hunter wines; in addition they also make varieties including Italian favorites and pinot grigio and sangiovese.

Allandale Winery:

This winery came into being in 1978, and in recent years has brought up its name and reputation in today’s fast moving market. In these years gone by the winery has acquired grapes from Mudgee area, the Hilltops area near Young, NSW and most dominant Hunter Valley. This is referred to as a modern winery inside the Lower Hunter Valley which is located north of Sydney – Australia.

Benwarin Wines:

The winery includes a few of the varieties which are known as classics these are: Shiraz, Semillon, Verdelho and Chardonnay. It’s located in Mistletoe Lane, Pokolbin within the Hunter Valley. The objective of this winery is to make good wine out of the driven fruits that produces enriching taste. An extremely interesting fact to learn about this winery is that the internet site of Mistletoe Lane was chosen because of its soil, excellent drainage and extra likely exposure to breeze that keeps this winery fresh inside the natural habitat.

Brokenwood Wines:

Brokenwood’s production is famous for its dry table wines of Semillon and Shiraz. The objective of the fraternity is ‘to make wonderful wine and have fun’ that’s what it does in its entirety. Let’s get into history, the land was purchased in 1970 and immediately planting of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon was implemented. By 1980s the vineyard was producing premium Single Vineyard wine. Even these days the Graveyard Shiraz remains the highest-placed Hunter Valley Shiraz.

Colvin Wines:

Colvin Wines brings grapes from its own historical yet magnificent De Beyers Vineyard which is located at the base of the Brokenback Ranges in Pokolbin, Hunter Valley. Wines from these wineries may be found at some spectacular restaurants. If you didn’t know, Colvin Wine is also an award holder wine company. Modest quantities of premium wines are sold out throughout the year.

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Five Great Wineries Inside the Hunter Valley
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