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 Body Toxins and Its Dangerous Effects

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ViestiAihe: Body Toxins and Its Dangerous Effects   Body Toxins and Its Dangerous Effects I_icon_minitimeTi Tammi 11, 2011 1:25 am

Our body can absorb small or large amount of chemicals that we get in contact with. We get in contact with simple things that we use everyday like clothes, soap, shampoo, cleansers, and even food like vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat. These things may contain chemicals and agents harmful to the body. These harmful chemicals and agents are known as toxins.

What we do not know is that our body accumulates toxic through the air we breathe because of air pollution, or the water that we take in, not only because of pollution, but, also because of treatments made by industrial companies. Not to mention the fact that the food that we eat are also contaminated due to pesticides and other chemicals that enhances the quality of crops, but bring about an adverse effect to the human body when consumed. These accumulated toxins needs to be flushed out in order for our body to function properly.

Another kind of toxin is the environmental toxin. This toxin is man-made. Example of this kind of toxin are those coming from hairsprays, cleaning agents like detergents, chemicals use for varnishing, air sprays like odor neutralizers and insect repellants, personal hygiene care chemicals and many others.

When there is a high level of toxicity in your body, it will manifest physically. The first thing that you will notice is that your body feels weak. You will feel low in energy and you cannot do strenuous activities. Sometimes, even light activities would feel too tedious or hard for you. Other symptoms would be allergies or rashes that would continuously appear even when you already took a medicine. Even sneezing or coughing, and flu is associated with having high toxicity in the body. You would also easily get sick when you get tired or stressed doing light activities. Sickness and death are some of the worse things that could happen to you when you do not detoxify and continue to abuse your body with these toxins. Taking for granted the toxins which our body carries can certainly lead to death.

Although many toxins are hanging out in the air surrounding us and we somehow become immune to them, it is always better to be conscious of our health. We do not know when our immune system will fail us or when sickness or disease would strike. We should well remember that prevention is always better than cure and our health is our wealth.

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Body Toxins and Its Dangerous Effects
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