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 6 Critical Factors For Successful Forex Trading

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ViestiAihe: 6 Critical Factors For Successful Forex Trading   6 Critical Factors For Successful Forex Trading I_icon_minitimeMa Syys 13, 2010 5:13 am

Online, Day trading has exploded across America. Some investors have been very successful and boast of huge gains made in incredibly short periods of time. However, there are many others who experience devastating losses because they have not tapped into the 6 critical factors necessary for successful Futures and FOREX Trading. Http://Free-Cash-Site.com

Success in any profession can be broken down into a number of critical factors. Trading is no different. A successful trading strategy incorporates the following 6 factors.

1. Determination of An Edge: Trading Futures is a zero sum game. There must be an identifiable edge over the other market participants.

2. Disciplined Execution:There is no point in identifying an edge if there is no discipline to follow thru. Create a plan, stick with it, then determine if the plan is successful. If it is not, change the plan. The important thing is disciplined execution.

3. Money Management: If the risk per trade is too aggressive, then there is the risk of blowing an account. If trades are too conservative, then the opportunity to optimize returns is missed. It is critical to establish the maximum expected draw down of any system and set money management rules accordingly.

4. Create a Trading Plan: A trading plan will determine what will be done in any given situation during the trade day. A plan helps keep one focused on execution and not distractions.

5. Responsibility: Responsibility lies with the trader. Gains, losses, success, or failure is determined by the skill, determination and discipline of the trader.

6. Commitment: There must be commitment to placing every trade according to plan, even through the losing periods where every trade seems to end up a loser. Trading seems to throw up extremes of good times and bad times. One must not be over confident during the good times, and one must not give up in the bad times. There also must be adequate time every day to compare actual performances against the trading plan.

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6 Critical Factors For Successful Forex Trading
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